Installation Instructions

Step 1 (Picture 1)

Starting this project onto sheet rock wall.

Step 2 ( Pic 2&3)

Add Mortar onto sheet rock as shown.

Step 3: (Pic 4&5)

place mosaic onto wall by holding the top corners insuring to keep as flat and straight as possible.  

Try not to let the mosaic bend as this could cause chipping of the tiles.

Step 4: (Pic 6&7)

Carefully float the tiles onto the mortar with just enough pressure to adhere the mesh onto the mortar.

Step 5 ( Pic 10,11)

Trim with travertine pencil trim or any trim of your choice.  

Step 6 (Pic 12 &13)

Let dry according to mastic instructions.

Step 7 (Pic 14&15)

Add grout (Mix using instructions on grout bag).  

You can use a float or just apply by hand.

Step 8 (Pic 16)

Finish project by sponging off grout. 

( Repeat this process until no residue is visible).

Step 9 ( Pic 17)

Can use a small brush to remove as much grout as you 

like from around any pieces that are lower than the circles.

Step 10: (Pic 19,20 & 21).

Entire project was only a few hours to complete.